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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kaltim Prima Coal

In 1982, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (“KPC”) located at Sengata, on the East coast of Kalimantan, entered into a Coal Contract of Work (“CCOW”) to explore, produce and market coal from its agreement area in East Kalimantan.

KPC is one of the largest mines of its type in the world. The concession area reaches 90,960 hectares. KPC produces three types of coal: Prima, Pinang and Melawan. Prima and Pinang are high quality bituminous coals with low ash and sulphur content. The coals have excellent combustion performance. Melawan is sub-bituminous coal exhibiting low ash and sulphur characteristics.

At Sengata, KPC has developed a fully integrated and self-supporting mine with a series of open cut pits and coal preparation facilities. The Sengata mine is supported by a 10 MW coal fired power station which is supplemented by five generator sets of 9.4 MW of diesel capacity. The coal at the Sengata mine is delivered to the coal crushing plant where it is crushed and, if necessary, screened and washed at the coal washing plant and placed onto the conveyor belt for transportation to the shipping terminal. The coal crusher consists of seven double-roll single-pass roll crushers 1,200 tph capacity average. Afterwards, the coal is transported from stockpiles adjacent to the coal preparation area to the shipping terminal on the Kalimantan coast by a 13 km overland belt conveyor, which has a nominal handling capacity of 4,200 tph. The coal journey from the coal preparation to the shipping terminal takes less than 30 minutes.

At the coal shipping terminal in Sengata, Tanjung Bara Coal Terminal (“TBCT”), coal is either stacked or directly routed through the stockyard into the shiploaders. The TBCT’s stockpile has a total capacity of 1,200,000 tonnes and is capable of handling vessels up to 220,000 DWT at a rate of 4,700 tph.

At Bengalon, the run-of-mine produced is hauled by the contractors’ trucks over a distance of approximately 25 km to a barge loading facility, here shuttle barges transport the coal to a transloader located offshore.

KPC Ports are the port facilities of KPC, which incorporate the water rights to the Port of Tanjung Bara and Lubuk Tutung, the coal stockpiles, the deep water ocean berths and ship loaders. KPC Ports consists of TBCT, FTS, FCS, TBT, and LTT.

The Tanjung Bara Coal Terminal (TBCT), the main port, is the wharf with the twin quadrant ship loaders that has been in operations since 1991.
The Floating Transfer Station (FTS) is the offshore floating transhipper that discharges the coal from the barges and loads it on to the vessel using its shiploading conveyors.
The Floating Crane Station (FCS) is the offshore floating crane that discharges the coal from the barges and loads it on to the vessel using its cranes and grabs
The Tanjung Bara Self-Loading Transhipment (TBT) and Lubuk Tutung Self-Loading Transhipment (LTT) are the anchorage points where the vessels can do self-loading transhipment activities using the vessel’s gear in Tanjung Bara and Lubuk Tutung areas respectively, which will be supported with coal stockpiles, barge loaders, tugs, and barges.

All operations within the terminals and transhipment points come under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian Government Department of Sea Communications and all operations are subject to the laws and harbour regulations of Indonesia. KPC Ports are not public ports.

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