Harga FOB Tongkang
Kcal 63 - 61 Rp. 630
Kcal 58 - 56 Rp. 510
Kcal 55 - 53 Rp. 410
Kcal 53 - 51 Rp. 390
- Harga baru hub kami -
Apakah anda penambang atau penjual ??
Lowongan kerja yang Tersedia :
Bagian administrasi
Bagian gudang
Bagian parkir
Cleaning servise
Driver, Kurir, security,
Waiter, ob, spg

Untuk interviu dan langsung kerja.

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Friday, 6 March 2009

Cari Batu Bara Kalori 6300 6100

Send to us your :
If you want to sell
certificat of analysis

Certificate of Analysis is a report ususally sent to the customer at the time of shipping the finished goods

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a signed document provided for customers who require documentation of reagents they use in testing. The COA describes specific tests performed to confirm the quality of a given reagent lot. It lists tests performed, the tolerance/outcome allowed for each test, results of the tests on a sample of that lot, and lot expiration date.

If you want to buy
Send use complite data and also LOI
Send your request / LOI to us
with company signature



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Mohon maaf
apa bila menawarkan Batu Bara
mohon sertakan
> Summary Tambang
> Company profile ,
> FCO = full corporate offer
> COA , BL

Apa bila ingin meminta penawaran
mohon sertakan
LOI resmi atau Draft kotrak / draft LC

Untuk persyaratan funder :
info clik disini :
Persyaratan Funder Batu Bara

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Steam Coal Price
Funder Batu Bara
Sell Steam Coal

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